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'Henry Starr' Wins Best Modern Western Screenplay

Willcox, Ariz. – The 2017 Wild Bunch Film Festival wrapped their annual October festivities by awarding the screenplay “The Outlaw Henry Starr” 1st Place for Best Modern Day Western.

“In 1919, Oklahoma outlaw Henry Starr quit robbing banks to pursue an even more despicable career. He went into Show Business.”

“The Outlaw Henry Starr”, penned by former Disney Studios writer Mark Archuleta, tells the story of real-life Oklahoma bank robber Henry Starr.

“My favorite westerns are tragic comedies like ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’ and ‘Little Big Man’,” said Archuleta. “When I discovered Henry Starr’s autobiography I knew his life story would make an amazing movie.”

“The plot really pulled us into the story,” said Brenda Whitehead, Creative Director, The Wild Bunch Film Festival. “All of the judges felt the same, and loved the presentation and structure. Looking forward to seeing this on film!”

Archuleta has partnered with Beverly Hills-based Buffalo 8 Productions. Parties interested in becoming involved in the production or investing may contact Archuleta at

Twitter: @henrystarrmovie @buffalo8Pro

Instagram: @henrystarrmovie

FB: @outlawhenrystarrmovie

Henry Starr Best Modern Western

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