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In 1919, Oklahoma outlaw Henry Starr quit robbing banks to pursue an even more despicable career.

He went into Show Business.

Robbing Banks


Reel Life

The Henry Starr Biography


The Outlaw Henry Starr

Film Concept Trailer

To finish his movie...

 Will Henry Starr rob ONE LAST BANK?




I'm an Emmy-winning screenwriter, journalist, and performer. Born and raised in Colorado, I was steeped in the history of the West and its cultural clashes. After studying English literature at the University of Colorado, I moved to Hollywood to pursue a film career.

I was a staff writer on the Disney TV animated series Recess and won two regional Emmys (Los Angeles) for writing, producing, and hosting two series for PBS. My screenplay, Palooka deVille, won the American Film Institute Ethnic Minority Screenplay Competition, and I was selected for the highly competitive Disney Writers Fellowship and the prestigious Warner Bros. Writers Workshop.

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